Marketing Efforts
Not surprisingly, brimRADTM already is focused on the three market sectors where radiation detection markets exist.

In defense/security, we are working with a Global Fortune 100 company, which will be our first major customer. Once the initial testing period is over, we anticipate a major ramp-up in orders.

On the medical side, Dr. Ben Tsui, who directs the Radiology department at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, is on the brimRAD board of directors.

As brimRADTM expands, we anticipate major growth into all aspects of these markets.

The brimRADTM marketing effort will be focused, directed and aggressive, with presence at trade shows, through Internet search tools such as Google Adwords, and using a variety of other 21st century tools.
brimRADTM Sales & Marketing—Global, Aggressive, Internet-based
  • Major conference presence--the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium (NSS), the Medical Imaging Conference (MIC), the annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) show, among others.
  • Internet-focused: Prospective customers one click away from placing orders. Google Adword searches, blogs, social media, etc. will drive traffic to the brimRADTM website.