Twelve things you need to know about brimRADTM:
  1. brimRADTM is a new spinoff from the Brimrose Corporation of America that is developing a new class of advanced material that we believe will revolutionize the radiation detector market.
  2. brimRADTM has its own set of proprietary advanced materials that promise greater performance and lower costs than existing radiation detector materials.
  3. brimRADTM already is under NDA with one Global Fortune 100 company and in negotiations with others to sell these radiation detectors.
  4. The global radiation detector market is enormous—and growing. It is expected to reach $33 billion by the year 2021.
  5. brimRADTM will be providing radiation detectors to the medical market and making radiation detection systems for the defense/security markets.
  6. Unlike other materials, brimRADTM advanced materials have the potential to identify both gamma and neutron radiation from one material.
  7. brimRADTM intends to aggressively sell and market these detectors to the global marketplace.
  8. brimRADTM will share materials and personnel with parent Brimrose Corporation until it is in a position to become a separate, independent company controlled by new investors.
  9. brimRADTM is working with national labs to perfect these materials.
  10. The company will face competitors offering both first-generation and second-generation radiation detectors.
  11. The company will continue to work with a variety of outside labs unless and until it can fully supply its own needs.
  12. brimRADTM anticipates a rapid scale up in operations.